Cats Imitate Art: Masterpieces Mimicked By Moggies

Cats Imitate Art: Masterpieces Mimicked By Moggies

Cats can't paint. That much we're almost sure of. But that doesn't mean our feline friends can't make worthy contributions to art.

We've seen this already, of course, with the epic Cats Improve Art. Now get ready for part II of what we're calling the Cat Art Trilogy - Cats Imitate Art.

Yes, it's cats doing what they do best - looking cute on the internet - but in a way that purrfectly evokes a series of masterpieces from art history.

Don't believe it's possible? Then check out the gallery below. Like us you'll realise that man's long tradition of painting human models was in fact folly - we ought to have been immortalising cats instead.

We know what you're thinking. 'What's next in the Cat Art Trilogy HuffPost UK?'.

Well, on that count we're afraid you're just going to have to wait...

In the meantime, here's Cats Imitate Art:

And just for good measure, Cats Improve Art once again:


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