22/05/2012 08:01 BST

Nick Clegg Launches Social Mobility Scooter (PHOTO)

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was out on the streets of Britain today launching the government's new range of Social Mobility scooters.

The scooters are designed to take people from less privileged backgrounds to universities and workplaces that would previously have been out of reach.

Each scooter has 17 indicators and carries a choice of two SatNavs: one giving directions to Oxford and Cambridge, or one giving the best route to the BBC and Houses Of Parliament.

Early trials show that it takes on average approximately 25 years - also known as 'a generation' - to get anywhere on them.

Clegg attacked those who say that, given his own background, he shouldn't be using the scooters. "I couldn't disagree more," he said. "If privileged people don't ride these things, we will never get anywhere. Now - thanks to the scooters - everyone can get everywhere!"

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