Social mobility

Katharine Birbalsingh, labelled Britain’s strictest headteacher, says "his personal life...does make me sort of raise an eyebrow".
Pressure continues to build on the PM over Marcus Rashford's campaign to end holiday hunger for England's poorest kids.
There are 600,000 more children living in relative poverty than in 2012.
Colleges continue to be crucial in driving social mobility and providing the skills necessary to boost local and regional economies, Gill Furniss MP writes.
The new Tory PM did not promote an LGBT politician and just 25% of his cabinet is female.
Ex-education secretary tells Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt to focus on Britain's dire social mobility record.
'Scandalous' new report by the Sutton Trust and the Social Mobility Commission comes as ex-public schoolboys vie to be PM.
"They can feel they need to dress differently, speak differently and pretend to understand cultural references they’re not familiar with."
We like to claim that we’re living in a true meritocracy, but there is no denying that opportunities are hard to come by if you’re not in the ‘right circles’ or groups
Has social mobility stopped? Certainly not, but if you live in a rural area your chances are being constrained