Sleeping In Bed With Someone Has Psychiatric Health Benefits... Plus Other Ways To Rest Easy At Night (PICTURES)

Do you sleep better at night when you have someone else in your bed? According to a growing body of research, you're not alone, as sharing your bed can boosts your psychiatric wellbeing, experts claim.

Despite couples have to contend with duvet-hogging, snoring, nocturnal emailing and disagreements over room temperature - a series of pieces of research suggest that people who share a bed, reap a long list of psychological and health benefits.

Although a third dislike bedtime cuddles from their partner – a recent report by the Wall Street Journal claims the psychological benefits of being close to someone at night far outweighs the cons of sleeping with someone who has a case of the night time jiggles.

In contrast, a separate study by Premier Inn, discovered couples have 167 arguments a year over irritating sleeping habits – while research by the University of Pittsburgh claims that shared sleep actually promotes feelings of safety and security, making us less stressed and more united.

How To Rest Easy At Night

According to the research (as reported in the WSJ), sleeping in bed with someone else helps lower the stress hormone (cortisol) and boosts the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin, which brings couples closer and eases anxiety.

Researchers also discovered that sharing a bed reduces the level of cytokines involved in inflammation that can trigger heart disease, depression and autoimmune disorders.

“Women enjoy male presence psychologically even though it costs them minutes or even hours of sleep,” says John Dittami from the study, reports the WSJ.

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