07/08/2012 17:17 BST | Updated 07/08/2012 17:44 BST

Anne-Marie Ellement Case: New Inquest For Soldier Allegedly Raped By Army Colleagues

The suicide of a female soldier - who claimed she was raped by two fellow military police officers - is to be reinvestigated after family members complained they had been "badly let down".

The High Court has ordered a fresh inquest into the death of Corporal Anne-Marie Ellement, who was found hanged in her barracks in October 2011, three days after her 30th birthday.

In a previous inquest, her family said she had "never recovered" from being allegedly ostracised and bullied after she made rape allegations against two colleagues.


Corporal Anne-Marie Ellement, who committed suicide at her barracks

Corporal Ellement said she had been drinking and could not remember details of the incident, and neither soldier had been charged.

She was found dead outside her accommodation block at Bulford Barracks, Wiltshire, after writing 'I'm sorry' in lipstick on a mirror in her bedroom.

The first inquest, which recorded a verdict of suicide, heard that she was a "nervous wreck", working 80-hour weeks

An application for judicial review of the original inquest was issued by Anne-Marie Ellement’s sisters, who are represented by human rights group Liberty. 

A spokeswoman for the charity said there were "concerns that she received little or no support from the Army" to help her cope in the aftermath of the rape allegations or with her workload.

The family were not represented at the original inquest and say the inquiry failed to examine all the circumstances surrounding her death.

Lawyer Emma Norton, who is representing the family said: "Anne Marie had a long family tradition and devoted her life to service in the armed forces. They all appear to have been very badly let down.

"Whether a soldier or a civilian, your human rights must be protected and upheld. Liberty hopes that the new inquest will finally uncover what happened to Anne Marie – she deserves justice and her family deserves answers.”