Lawyers have warned of a human rights breach after rough sleepers said they'd been harassed "most mornings" for over a year.
My fellow right-wingers who find the Trump Baby balloon distasteful, do yourself a favour. Draw yourself up to your full height, have some dignity, and stick by the principles of free speech and personal liberty
Liberty admitted on Saturday that it was hacked and that the hackers tried to extort money from the firm.
As ever-more invasive technology develops, it’s more important than ever that we’re consulted on the tools police use
"Find ways to effectively manage stress, before things become critical."
The Home Secretary is politicising the criminal law in an attempt to look tough on terror. She's doing it at the cost of free speech and a fair justice system. The reality is there is no evidence of a link between viewing 'extremist' material and intending to commit crime, no evidence censorship will defeat terrorism, and no need for more counter-terror powers.
Soundbites, speeches and ministers saying 'trust us' aren't enough when the stakes are this high. Our MPs need to do their jobs, stand up for our rights and back the People's Clause.
Police have hit back at Stormzy for criticising them over linking Notting Hill Carnival to a series of raids this week, saying