Nadine Dorries: Tory MPs Need To 'Kill' David Cameron, (Metaphorically, Of Course)


Tory MPs need to "kill" David Cameron in order to win back support from the public, Nadine Dorries has said.

The outspoken MP was reported to have made the comments during the launch of a new right-wing Tory group headed by David Davis and Liam Fox called 'Conservative Voice'.

“We need a kill Cameron strategy, not a voice,” she told Guido Fawkes.

Having had to clarify to Sky News that she did in fact not want to murder the prime minister and was speaking metaphorically, Dorries tweeted:

Dorries has previously accused her party leader of being "posh", "arrogant", "sexist" and having "bad manners".

While she is the most direct critic of both Cameron and George Osborne, the MP for Mid-Bedfordshire is not the only backbencher unhappy with the direction of government.

In the run-up to his cabinet reshuffle he was accused of being a "mouse" over whether or not to expand Heathrow as well as being Nick Clegg's "chamber maid".

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The Conservative Voice group launched today is part of a concerted push by the right-wing of the Tory party to challenge the more centrist liberal conservative approach of the government.

Fox insisted that the aim of the group was more about widening the appeal of party rather than shifting it "artificially to the right".

"When we represent the widest possible range of the British public, that is when we are at our strongest," he told The Guardian.

However his more loyalist words conflict with some of the other Tory MPs keen on the new grouping, including Stewart Jackson, who said he hoped it could "get Cameron back on election winning ground" and away from the "current social liberal mush".

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