liam fox

Stanley Johnson joins ex-trade secretary Liam Fox to push for green levy
According to Reuters, leaked UK-US trade talk documents were stolen from the former trade secretary by suspected Russian hackers.
Survey comes as International Trade Secretary Liam Fox rubbishes key plank of Boris Johnson's Brexit plan.
Liam Fox says Johnson's refusal to answer questions risk becoming a "distraction" in the Tory leadership contest.
Leading 'public vote' MP Peter Kyle scathing about latest Tory tactic.
Trade secretary insists he takes environmental issues 'extremely seriously' after he appeared to question the scientific consensus.
Brexit votes, referendums, leadership bids, 'spaff' and money 'pissed down the drain'.
Such uncritical support of the sector ignores the appalling impact that corruption has on developing countries, and shows this government is merely paying lip service to the Paris Climate Agreement
Labour's ongoing war over anti-Semitism was also centre stage.