Jimmy Savile Statue Torn Down At Glasgow Leisure Centre After Rape Allegations (PICTURES)

Jimmy Savile Statue Torn Down In Glasgow

A statue of Jimmy Savile at a Glasgow Leisure Centre has been pulled down amidst allegations that the late entertainer raped and sexually abused young girls.

The operators of the leisure centre said they "felt it necessary" to remove the statue from the community centre, where it overlooked the children's swimming pool.

A number of women have come forward claiming Jimmy Savile sexually abused them in the 1970s

The decision to remove the likeness came after an historic rape allegation was made against the entertainer. Surrey police have referred the accusation to Scotland Yard, which is said to be investigating the claims.

The BBC has offered its full support to officers, amidst accusations that some of the abuse took place on BBC premises.

Following a documentary, it was also revealed that Jersey and Surrey police investigated accusations about alleged abuse in two children's homes, but decided there was not enough evidence to proceed.

Two police forces investigated allegations against the entertainer but no action was taken

Another woman came forward accusing Savile of forcing her and a friend to perform sex acts.

Dee Coles told ITV News: "Myself and another girl I met on holiday were basically taken into his van by him on a couple of occasions and made to do sexual acts," Ms Cole said.

"Afterwards, it was shame. The biggest emotion you can ever feel is shame and I carry that now."

On Tuesday broadcaster Paul Gambaccini claimed that Sir Jimmy had threatened to end his charity work if media outlets went ahead and exposed the damning details.

A statue of Savile has been at Scotstoun Leisure Centre since 1993, however a spokesman for Glasgow Life, which operates the centre said: "Given the current controversy and the seriousness of the allegations, we thought it appropriate to move the statue at this time."


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