05/10/2012 13:52 BST

Cambridge International Students Told Not To Join British Binge-Drinking Culture (VIDEO)

International students at Cambridge University are being lectured on binge-drinking by fellow students who warn "drinking too much can easily make a great night turn sour".

The quintessentially British students are filmed telling overseas undergraduates: "Being in Cambridge means you're going be working hard and playing hard. But playing hard doesn't necessarily mean drinking hard."

One preacher, who we know as "Liv", kindly informs her audience: "The drinking culture in Cambridge is not compulsory.

"There might be rules and traditions but you don't need to join in if you don't want to. No-one's going to think less of you if you don't."

Her side-kick Laura then advises us "don't over drink, you'll avoid a banging hangover in the morning".

Eight colleges at Cambridge have signed up to show the video, with each putting its own branding on the trailer.

Keith Willox, domus bursar at Sidney Sussex College, told The Huffington Post the film was part of the induction process this year.

"We thought it would due a good idea to improve the information given to international students in particular, as many of them are not aware of the British drinking culture.

"Compared to previous years, where the head porter wagged his finger for 45 minutes, the video has had good feedback."

Julian Tan, vice chair of the university's international student union said he believed the video was made with the best of intentions.

"I'm not sure that this video was targeted specifically to international students, rather I think it was made to address the topic of binge-drinking in Cambridge and indeed the UK.

"I can understand if some people might find the video patronising, especially those who are familiar with the drinking culture, but as an international student watching the video, I don't find it offensive or patronising in any way. I think it is a video international students or indeed anybody who isn't familiar with the drinking culture in the UK should watch."

At one point during the film, Liv and Laura swan in with glasses of water to demonstrate how to drink plenty of water "so we can look after others around you, and to ditch the tux so as not to become an easy target".

Of course, one isn't told what to do if you aren't wearing a dinner jacket.

Narrator Liv reliably tells us "Overdrinking can cause all sorts of problems, especially when you're in a group, which you're completely unaware of when you're off your face wasted."

The dynamic duo then remind us: "It's your choice how you spend your time at university."

In that case… who's for a beer?