Los Angeles Reacts To 'Freezing Cold' Temperatures... Of 12 Degrees (VIDEO)

WATCH: US News Reporters Overreact To Cold Weather

As Jimmy Kimmel says in this segment from his show, Los Angeles is currently suffering "a cold snap".

A "cold snap" in California being temperatures of around... 12 degrees.

Yes, you may think that we Brits are overreacting to a little bit of snow - but we've got nothing on the Angelenos right now, who are cruelly being forced to wear, y'know, coats and stuff.

"Look at the temperatures - only into the 50s!" complains one news anchor. "Beyond cold," shudders another. One report reveals that women doing soccer practice (their words, not ours) are having to wear "sweats, gloves and ear-muffs" - the horror! - while another even refers to it as the 'Big Chill'.

Click play above to giggle your way through Jimmy Kimmel Live's funny compilation of precious Californian news reporters - and when you're done, enjoy some classic weather reporting fails in our YouTube round-up, below:


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