Nexus 4: Demand For Google And LG's Flagship 'Ten Times Higher' Than Supply

This Is Why You Can't Buy A Nexus 4...

Why has it been so difficult to buy a Nexus 4?

Because demand was ten times higher than expected.

That's according to the head of LG France, Cathy Robin, who said that Google only asked them to make stock in line with previous releases, like the Nexus S.

Speaking to Challenges, she said LG and Google weren't prepared for the phone to be a hit.

As a result they were caught off-guard by the tremendous reception from reviewers and tech fans, who have flocked to Google's website to buy the Android handset whenever they have become available.

"Current deliveries of LG Google correspond to what had been pre-ordered on Google Play," she said, according to a translation of the interview.

"We continue to deliver regularly. But it is lean. This is why the Nexus 4 is always shown as exhausted and the potential buyers feel they can not buy it. For example, the initial forecasts of Google were 10 times higher for United Kingdom and Germany."

LG said it is trying to make more phones and supply the demand, but added it expects demand to go up in line with supply.

And the Nexus 4 really is a lovely device, with a quad-core processor and Android 4.2, plus a price (£240 off-network) which is more in line with budget handsets.


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