Italian Election Rocked By Comedian Candidate Nigelo Faraggio

Italian Election Rocked By Comedy Candidate

A by-election in the European constituency of Italy has been rocked by an incredible performance at the polls by a relatively new, small party led by joker Nigelo Faraggio.

Faraggio's party - the Five Star (Not Twelve Like On The EU Flag) Movement - came second in the election, behind the Liberali Democratici, led by Nicolo Cleggo. The Partito Laburista, led by Eduardo Milibando was pushed into an embarrassing fourth place.

The result is widely regarded as a victory for the comedian politician, and a protest vote against the current parties.

"I've got no idea what Faraggio would do if he was in power," said one of his supporters. "I'm just worried about all the Romanians and Bulgarians coming over here and stealing our spaghetti."

Comedian Faraggio is famous for his joke policies, laughable ideas, and for tackling hecklers on 'Question Time' ('Tempo Per Le Domande').

But despite Italy now being in deadlock, don't expect a coalition to be formed any time soon. "This result proves the British Italian people have had enough of the main parties," Faraggio said. "There's no way I'll be sitting down with I Conservatori."

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