Dolls Without Make-Up: Barbie, Bratz And Cinderella Challenge Girls' Body Image (PICTURES, POLL)

Inspired by the viral image of Barbie without make-up that took the internet by storm last week, artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm has gone one step further by removing the make-up from a range of dolls.

The artist says he was keen to see what Barbie really looked like without a full face of make-up because (in his opinion) the original was unrealistic: "It completely exaggerates, removing eyelids among other things".

The series -- which includes images of Barbie, Cinderella and a Bratz doll -- show the toys without their usual heavy eyeshadow, thick mascara and bright lipstick.

Nickolay worked with fellow illustrator Nikolett Mérész to create the current series. The pair took photographs of popular dolls and removed the make-up using Photoshop.

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Dolls Without Make-Up

The artist told HuffPost UK Lifestyle that he hopes his work encourages toy companies to create dolls that create a more healthy body image among girls.

"Dolls heavily influence the way that young girls want to look," he explained. "And so, in my opinion, less is more."

"I hope that my work inspires toy companies to give dolls are more natural look," he added. "If the dolls look good without makeup, what's the point of putting makeup on them in the first place?"

Keen to challenge the dominant body image aesthetic presented to young girls, Nickolay also hopes to create a Barbie with 'normal' body proportions using a 3D printer.

We can't wait to see it.