Thatcher Funeral Protesters Hang Effigy Of Former PM As Others Wear Red In Solidarity With Demonstration

Thatcher Funeral Protesters Hang Effigy Of Former PM

As Margaret Thatcher's coffin lay in St Paul's Cathedral, the former Prime Minster continued to prove as divisive in death as in life, with many unable to separate the woman from her policies.

While protesters lined the streets of London alongside well-wishers, some chose to wear red in defiance of the former PM

In one mining community residents went further, hanging an effigy of Margaret Thatcher from their local pub.

Mining community in Goldthorpe near Barnsley showed their opposition to the Ceremonial Funeral

A small group of protesters gathered at Ludgate Circus, near to St Paul's, to demonstrate against the "glorifying" of Lady Thatcher's funeral and cuts to the welfare state.

One demonstrator, Dave Winslow, 22, an anthropology student from Durham, held an acrylic placard reading "Rest of us in Poverty" and wearing a T-shirt with the messages "power to the people" and "society does exist".

He said up to 200 demonstrators were expected.

"We plan to turn our backs," he told the Press Association.

Mary MacMillan, 79, said she had come to Trafalgar Square to voice her disdain over Lady Thatcher.

Protester Mary MacMillan slammed the "guff" heard about Thatcher in the wake of her death

Bearing a poster of the Spitting Image depiction of the former leader, she said: "I'm not going to let all this guff we've heard on the TV and radio this morning and every minute since she died get David Cameron more votes for the Tory Party.

Thatcher famously said 'Society does not exist'

"I remember when she was elected.

"She sold out our workers, our social housing.

"What about the Irish, what about the steel workers?"

Other people have been posting pictures of themselves wearing red in solidarity with the protesters at Westminister

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