Rihanna Pregnant? 8 Reasons Why We Hope She IS Expecting A Baby

8 Reasons Why We Hope Rihanna IS Pregnant

Reports that Rihanna is expecting a baby seem to have been shot down, and while we are relieved that the world is spared from having another Chris Brown running around, we reckon impending motherhood could have actually been a good thing for the 'S&M' singer.

In fact we have eight solid reasons why we wish the rumours were true...

1. She would have something much more important to focus on rather than her doofus boyfriend Chris Brown.

2. She'd have to finally give up smoking those fancy fags and quit the party scene.

3. The baby would be best friends with Blue Ivy Carter and they'd have cute play dates.

4. She'd have to tone down that potty mouth of hers.

6. The child would probably have some crazy celebrity name like Harper or Apple or Coco or Bluebell.

7. It would mean her Twitter feed would become filled with pictures of her baby bump rather than her lady lumps.

8. Looking after a baby would mean she'll disappear for a while, and, as much as we

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