Children As Young As Five Filmed Firing AK47 Assault Rifles At Al Qaeda Terror Camp (VIDEO)

Calling out praise for Allah, this disturbing video shows children as young as five firing weapons at an Al Qaeda terror camp.

Jolting backwards from the force of their weapons, the children are believed to be using AK47 assault rifles, Negev machine guns and various pistols.

The footage, believed to be filmed in north Waziristan, near the Pakistan-Afghan border, is branded �Islam Awazi�- an organisation identified online as the Islamic Party of Turkistan.

The boys, some as young as five, are seen firing an array of weapons

According to The Sun, the reason some of the children�s faces are blurred out is it is a technique the Taliban uses to film future suicide bombers.

President Obama has referred to the region as �the most dangerous place in the world�.