Apple 'Agreed To Prism's 25-page Terms And Conditions Without Reading Them'


Following Google and Facebook's denial that they allowed the US government access to their servers - saying that they hadn't heard of "a programme called Prism until yesterday" - it has emerged that Apple only signed up to the NSA-FBI surveillance program because it failed to read Prism's 25-page terms and conditions.

An Apple employee told HuffPost UK Comedy: "We just hit 'I agree'. I mean, who reads all the terms and conditions companies make you sign up to?!"

"Obviously we're not going to say that we've never heard of Prism," added another Apple worker. "No one would ever believe that. But they would believe that we couldn't be bothered to read all the Ts & Cs."

A spokesperson for Apple was unavailable for comment, due to being too busy reading through pages of terms and conditions.