Edward Snowden 'Hiding In #GuardianCoffee In Shoreditch'

Edward Snowden 'Hiding In Guardian Coffee Shop'

The secret location of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has been disclosed as The Guardian's new coffee shop, #GuardianCoffee, in Shoreditch, London.

It had been thought that Snowden was hiding in Hong Kong - and the steps to keep his location secret included creating an elaborate fake march to the US consulate there.

But now a whistleblower has told HuffPost UK Comedy that former system administrator Snowden is hiding behind the counter of the small pop-up coffee shop in east London.

As a result, it has now been announced that Snowden's next live Guardian Q&A will take place in person at #GuardianCoffee.

Anyone wishing to attend the 'Meet Edward Snowden For A Coffee' event at the reconditioned shipping container should send an email with 'The truth cannot be stopped - but it can break for coffee' in the subject field.

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