George Osborne: I Had A Gourmet Burger Because 'McDonald's Doesn't Deliver'

'McDonald's Doesn't Deliver'

George Osborne has explained why the burger he was pictured eating came from a posh gourmet diner - because 'McDonalds doesn't deliver'.

The Chancellor tweeted this picture of himself ahead of Wednesday's spending review with a burger and chips at his desk:

But on Thursday, with the headline 'Shamburger', The Sun reported his 'man of the people' stunt had backfired, revealing it had been purchased for £9.70 from new chain Byron.

This led to predictable Twitter reaction from the usual suspects:

In an interview on Thursday morning to explain the spending review, Osborne told ITV: "McDonald's doesn't deliver, I was working late in the office."

Last year, Prime Minister David Cameron was pushed into revealing when he had last eaten a Cornish Pasty after new taxes were slapped on pasties and pies in the budget.

On his weekly radio phone-in on LBC 97.3, Nick Clegg also revealed that he is also a fan of Byron burgers.

He said the last time he went out for a burger, it was after seeing a film with his children at a cinema in Fulham Broadway.

"Very near there, there is a burger place - a fancy burger place called Byron," he said. "It was actually quite a fancy burger, I have to say."

He then went on to extol the qualities of the Byron milkshakes.

"Can I strongly recommend - I'm allowed to do this, this is not commercial advertising - the Oreo milkshakes at Byron's. They are something else," he said.

"That is actually the reason we went. It wasn't for the burgers, it was my kids saying 'We want the Oreo milkshakes'."


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