What Barbie Would Look Like If She Was A 'Normal' Woman (PICTURES)

What Barbie Would Look Like If She Was A 'Normal' Woman

Barbie, with her teeny waist, love of cupcakes, ability to overlook Ken's most basic flaw (he has no penis), and preference for tons of make-up has been heavily criticised over the years by women's groups.

Recently, the opening of Barbie's Dreamhouse in Berlin provoked the ire of feminists, who staged protests outside with activist Michael Koschitzki, 27, telling Der Spiegel earlier this year that if Barbie were real, "a real woman with Barbie's figure would be anorexic, wouldn't be able to walk, and would never get her period."

Interpreting this premise, illustrator Nickolay Lamm, has put together a Barbie toy based on what she would look like if she had normal measurements. In comparison, when scaled up to human size, Barbie dolls would have unhealthy measurements of an 18" waist, 33" hips and a 36" bust compared with the typical 19-year-old girl's 31" waist, 33" hips and a 32" bust. The measurements have been taken from the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) measurements of the average 19-year-old American girl.

He constructed a 3D model, which was then moulded using photoshop to look like a doll.

Lamm said: "My last Barbie project got a lot of criticism because Barbie is a toy and people argued that a toy can't do any harm."

Lamm is referring to a project he undertook after a picture of Barbie without make-up went viral, where he mocked up pictures of other dolls to show what they would like like without make-up.

He continued: "However, if we criticise skinny models, we should at least be open to the possibility that Barbie may negatively influence young girls as well. Furthermore, a realistically proportioned Barbie actually looks pretty good in the pictures I produced.

"So, if there's even a small chance of Barbie in its present form negatively influencing girls and if Barbie looks good as an average sized woman in America. What's stopping Mattel from making one?"

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What Barbie Would Look Like As A Normal Person

Project: Nickolay Lamm of MyDeals.com.