National Tell A Girl She's Beautiful Day Is Trending And We're Ever So Slightly Cynical


Currently trending on Twitter is #NationalTellAGirlSheIsBeautifulDay, which is a welcome change from hateful trolling and tweets about One Direction (not that we don't adore those five loveable rogues). But we can't help but be oh-so-slightly cynical.

Our Tweetdeck is updating faster than you can say: "hello young lady, you are beautiful". While some are doing just as the hashtag says and tweeting friends to pay compliments, others can't help but ask "SRSLY WTF?!"

Here are a selection of Tweets:

After we got over the sickly sweetness of this trend (it took all of seven seconds), our inner feminist came stomping out and bellowed the following questions:

  • Shouldn't we tell people we love this everyday?
  • Why should these type of compliments be reserved for females? What does that tell you about our gender-biased value system?
  • Why does it always have to be "girls" instead of "women"?
  • Should we really be championing beauty over other qualities? How about #NationalTellAGirlShesIntelligentDay?

What do you think of the Twitter trend? Let us know in the comments below