Nasa Curiosity Rover: Year On Mars Anniversary Celebrated With Cool Time-Lapse Video

WATCH: One Year On Mars

Nasa's Curiosity Rover is to celebrate its first (Earth) year drilling, roving - and not mention inspiring LEGO sets - on the surface of Mars.

The big day lands on 6th August and rather than send a cake into space Nasa have decided to release a time-lapse video of its mission so far instead.

The film consists of 548 images taken from Curiosity's Hazcam used to look out for perilous and potentially fatal obstacles such as sand traps.

A similar video was made by a fan a couple of months ago

Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory will also be hosting two talks on August 15th and 16th going over the missions successes so far.

Curiosity is currently making a many-month journey towards its primary mission destination of Mount Sharp.

Its primary goal to find "evidence for an ancient wet environment that had conditions favourable for microbial life" has already been accomplished.

Mount Sharp

Mars Photos From NASA Curiosity

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