'Racist' Van Popularity Increases, Poll Finds, Ukip Supporters Most Likely Backers

Home Office van campaign
Home Office van campaign
Matthew Butcher

Support for the Home Office's controversial 'go home' vans is on the rise, a new poll has found.

YouGov said more people backed the vans, while fewer thought they were racist.

The billboards were driven London in an uncompromising message aimed at illegal immigrants. It attracted fierce criticism, with even immigration hardliner Nigel Farage branding it "nasty".

But Farage's party supporters were most likely to be in favour, with 86% backing the stunt. Just under three quarters of Tory supporters were in favour, while 51% of Labour voters were against.

Lib Dem voters were the least likely to back the vans, with 57% against it.

YouGov said support was up by 8% since the end of July, and the number who think they are racist has dropped 6%.

A total of 55% of British adults now 'strongly' or 'tend to' support the vans, compared to 47% at the end of July. 35% oppose it and 11% don’t know.