A-Levels, Egg Miliband, Jeremy Paxman's Beard And More: Funny Tweets Of The Week

Funny Tweets Of The Week: Starring Egg Miliband, Jeremy Paxman's Beard And More

And it's another bumper crop! Well, it has been quite the week. The week we celebrated Left Handers' Day, International Apostrophe Day and the anniversary of Schrödinger's birthday. OR DID WE?

Yes, we did. Also this week, many young people celebrated/commiserated over their A-level results, plenty of people celebrated/commiserated over Ed Miliband being egged, and just about everybody celebrated Jeremy Paxman growing a beard (except possibly Mrs Paxman. We haven't asked her for comment).

In other news, Edinburgh panda Tian-Tian was revealed as being possibly with cub, the New York Times website crashed (these two events being unrelated) and England played Scotland. And in slightly more serious news than even England playing Scotland: there was more furore over Russia's stance on gay rights - or rather, lack of them.

As always, the good - and funny - people of Twitter had plenty to say about all of the above and more. Here were some of the tweets that made us smile this week...

The Week In (Funny) Tweets


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