04/09/2013 08:39 BST | Updated 04/11/2013 05:12 GMT

Mark Gregory Valadez, Inmate Smuggled Loaded Gun Into Prison Via His Anus

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A prison inmate chose a novel place to hide a loaded gun as he smuggled it into jail - up his bum.

Mark Gregory Valadez was arrested and sent to the Oklahoma County Jail on minor charges on Sunday morning, but managed to avoid passing through a metal detector as so many people were being booked.

It was later discovered the Wichita, Kansas man had arrived at his cell with a Derringer pistol lodged in his anus.

mark gregory valadez

Eye watering: Mark Gregory Valadez in his mugshot after being booked on Sunday morning

Authorities learned of the "derrière derringer" after the 33-year-old bragged to other inmates about the gun.

Valadez was then subjected to a cavity test, approximately 16 hours after he was first incarcerated.

Police were able to remove the pocket-sized firearm, which they discovered was loaded with a single round.

gun smuggled into prison via anus

Sore seat: Valadez had this Derringer pistol lodged in his anus

Now he faces additional charges of possessing contraband in a penal institution, documents on the Smoking Gun reveal.

Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whesel told KFOR: "In this case, authorities say thd weapon got past a body search. A pat-down will not reveal a Derringer firearm that is secreted in a body cavity."

Valadez has been hospitalised in the meantime.

Concealing weapons in one's bodily cavities is not an uncommon past time. In July, a woman was found to be hiding a loaded gun in her vagina and a bag of crystal meth between her buttocks.