Chinese Women Still Face Discrimination Against Men In Bid For Jobs


Deeply rooted discrimination against girls is still well and truly alive in China, with smart, talented girls being left unable to fulfil their dreams, it has been reported.

China’s traditional preference for boys still rules, the BBC has revealed, outlining the university courses females are barred from studying.

China's education ministry bans girls from studying a variety of subjects across China, from tunnel engineering to navigation – apparently out of respect for women's safety, the BBC reported today.

But reports have long emerged of women being discriminated against when attempting to gain places at Chinese universities.

The problem was, according to reports, that girls were scoring so well in strict admissions tests that a higher percentage were being admitted than men.

In response to the rising numbers of women getting into universities, restrictive practices were implemented as early as 2005, according to Chinese news reports.

A book by the government-run Chinese Academy of Social Sciences has previously said the gender imbalance between boys and girls is one of the biggest challenges facing China today.

The state’s one-child policy continues to showcase the clearest signal of the second-class status of girls in the country, experts have said.

“The policy takes a position that fundamentally discriminates against girls,” said Professor Feng Yuan of the Centre for Women’s Studies at China’s Shantou University.

Last year, young women defied authorities to ignite a grassroots confrontation with the Chinese Ministry of Education over the gender discrimination.

The women shaved their heads in objection to several universities across China that make it easier for men than women to gain acceptance.

So, what jobs are girls apparently no good at in China? Read below for just a few examples:

Police Officer

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