Penis Church: New Christian Science Building Looks Like A Giant Phallus From Above (PICTURE)

LOOK: This Church Looks Like A Giant Penis From Above

A brand new Christian Science church in Illinois has been found to bear a strong resemblance to a gigantic penis.

The Google Earth image, coupled with the church’s slogan “rising up” (no laughing at the back there) has gone viral among those, who like us, are of a juvenile persuasion.

Dlisted proclaimed it "Hot slut of the day!" while The Frisky tittered at the name of the town, ( yes, Dixon.)

Rising up: The new Christian Science church in Dixon, Illinois

But thankfully it seems the folks at the church have a sense of humour. For hours after the world began poking fun at it's oversized phalllus, the official Facebook page was updated with the news that a “giant fig leaf” was “coming soon”.


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