01/11/2013 09:22 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

'Cocaine' Pumpkins Seized By Canadian Border Services Agency (PICTURES)

A traveller has been arrested at Canada’s Montréal-Trudeau Airport for attempting to smuggle three pumpkins packed with what is suspected to be cocaine.

Border officers discovered almost two kilograms of the substance in three gourds in a woman's suitcase.

The substance is now in the hands of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for further investigation.

Pumpkin surprise: An X-ray of two of the suspicious gourds

“Border services officers work tirelessly to intercept narcotics regardless how they are hidden”, said a spokesman said.

“This seizure helps eradicate narcotics from our community by stopping potential traffickers from using our international airports for their illicit cross-border activities.”

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Drug smuggling appears to have has entered a creative new age of late. In July, an American woman was found to have hidden a bag of crystal meth between her buttocks. It's probably worth noting Christie Dawn Harris also had a loaded gun stashed inside her vagina.

And earlier this month, a cat strapped with bags of cannabis was found sneaking into a Moldovan prison.

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