World's Fattest Man Finds Love Online - Girlfriend Says She Doesn't Care About 8 Stone Of Loose Skin (GRAPHIC PICTURES)

If ever there was a ringing endorsement for online dating, it's that the world's fattest man - Paul Mason from Suffolk - has found love online after shedding 48 stone.

Love is also willing to overlook the 8 stone of loose skin that he has now been left with.

His new girlfriend Rebecca Mountain, of Orange, near Boston, Massachusetts said on This Morning: "He's incredible, a genuine person. Incredibly honest and open about the difficulties he's been through, which helped our relationship."

Former Postman Paul, 52, featured in a documentary, when he weighed in at 70st before a gastric bypass in 2010 to reduce the size of his stomach.

Falling in love with the world's fattest man - or rather, the world's former fattest man - has already brought in a lot of media scrutiny, not least of which people want to know just how it happened.

After losing all that weight, Paul has been trying to raise money for the surgery required to remove the loose folds of skin. He now weighs 24 stone but says he needs further surgery, costing up to £37,000.

Rebecca was moved to try and help him raise the money, and contacted him offering her support. They then struck up a cyber relationship, talking to each other on Skype for four hours.

Speaking about their relationship, Rebecca says: "Who is in there now is the person I love and whoever he is after the operation is irrelevant to me. I want him to achieve his goals and that's the most important thing."

Happily for the couple, a doctor in New York has offered to do the surgery for free, but what he will have to pay for is the aftercare and medication, which may cost around £12,000.

Paul, who once consumed 20,000 calories per day, described his overeating as a debilitating food addiction which was caused by many factors, including a broken heart when he was 21.

“It was a combination of issues from school and issues in family life. So all those things just built up inside and I used food to try and blot out those feelings that I had in my head."