Google Street View Adds Venice Canals To 360-Degree Maps

Just One Cornetto: Google Street View Adds Venetian Canals

At this point there is barely anywhere that Google Street View can't or won't go.

But this one is at least a little more elegant and relaxing than most. (Also temporary, climate change depending.)

Google has just added 'Canal View' 360-degrees of Venice to the immersive mapping service.

To create the images Google had to load one of its backpack-mounted 'Trekker' camera modules onto a gondola, and sail the beautiful waterways of the city.

In an extensive behind-the-scenes description of the project, Google said that capturing the pictures was a tricky and unique task for its team.

"The Floating City is steeped in culture; it’s easy to see why it’s retained a unique fascination and romance for artists, filmmakers, musicians, playwrights and pilgrims through the centuries—and now, we hope, for Street View tourists too."

Check it out below:

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