How To Lose Weight: Leave The Office On Your Lunch Break, Instead Of Eating At Your Desk

Not only could being stuck at your desk all day have negative effects on your mental and physical wellbeing, but eating at your desk - or al desko, as repeat offenders may call it - could also make you put on weight.

More than half of (54%) people polled in a survey said they had put on weight by scoffing on fattening snacks at their computer rather than taking a proper break and eating healthier food.

Sadly, the results show that a traditional lunch hour is as obsolete a pastime as riding a penny farthing to work - just 18% of people take a 'proper' lunch break, compared to 85% a decade ago.

Almost half of respondents (47%) said they were more likely to eat junk food at their desks than elsewhere.

And 62% said they regularly ate chocolate or crisps or soft drinks from office snack machines - despite wishing they hadn't afterwards.

In a typical working day, one third of those polled ate more than 1,200 calories - a combination of coffee, tea, soft drinks and vending machine snacks.

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How To Stay Fit At Work

"The whole way we work is changing so fast," says Lee Smith, managing director of Forza Supplements, who funded the study. “Gone are the days when we would go out for lunch and socialise with workmates."

"Unfortunately that is very bad news for diets because we haven't got the time to seek out healthier, less calorific foods. We are bingeing on crisps, chocolates and cans of coke. People are giving themselves these treats as reward when they do something well at work or to break up the daily routine."