Entrepreneurs' Alliance Formed To 'Stand Up For The UK's Wealth Creators'

Entrepreneurs Team Up To Form Their Own Alliance
JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty Images

Britain's entrepreneurs have come together to form their own supergroup, the "Entrepreneur's Alliance", in order to better promote their needs to government.

The ringleaders include Emma Jones from Enterprise Nation, Megan Downey from School for StartUps, Centre for Entrepreneurs director Matt Smith, Dan Martin of BusinessZone.co.uk and Philip Salter, director of the Entrepreneurs Network.

They wrote: "We have come together to create the Entrepreneurs’ Alliance: a pressure group to stand up for Britain’s wealth creators.

"Through this union of entrepreneurial expertise, we want to see an environment in which self-starters are free to challenge established business models, without being bound by the regulation and red tape that reinforces traditional monopolies."

The announcement about the new entrepreneurs' union comes during Global Entrepreneurship Week, the world's largest campaign to promote entrepreneurship.

The news has snowballed as other business groups have rallied to join in, like Ben Goldsmith from Canary Wharf's Level 39 and Tony Robinson from microbusiness website, Enterprise Rockers.

Enterprise Nation's Emma Jones told the Huffington Post UK: "This has been an incredible start to Global Entrepreneurship Week. Judging by the response from these new bodies wanting to get involved in one day, it's clear the Entrepreneurs' Alliance has hit exactly the right note - and at exactly the right time."


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