Greenpeace #Arctic30 Activists Freed On Bail by Russians

Greenpeace activists freed
Greenpeace activists freed

A British man held in Russia for his part in a Greenpeace Arctic protest has spoken of his two-month ordeal in isolation.

Freelance journalist Kieron Bryan said he looked forward to taking a long shower - and never doing another sudoko puzzle ever again.

Bryan and Anthony Perrett, from Newport in South Wales were the first of the six Britons who are part of the so-called Arctic 30 to leave detention.

The move followed court hearings in St Petersburg.

Bryan told BBC News it had been "tough" for the group, who were arrested two months ago.

"More than anything, it's the isolation and not being able to speak to anyone, not being able to speak a common language. Being trapped in a cell for 24 hours a day is something I don't ever want to experience again, and there are a lot of people inside who have to carry on doing that.

"My plan now is to go to a hotel and have a long shower, leave my room whenever I want, never do another sudoku puzzle again, and speak to my family. That's the main plan.

"No idea about what happens next. I'm just focusing on getting through today, speaking to my family, and I'll deal with everything from then."