Boris Johnson Doesn't Wear A Cycle Helmet If It's 'A Bit Nippy'

Boris Johnson cycling
Boris Johnson cycling
PA Wire/PA Archive

Boris Johnson says he sometimes doesn't wear a cycle helmet because "it's a bit nippy".

And the mayor said he was inclined not to support a ban on headphones, but urged cyclists not to use them.

On LBC on Tuesday morning, the mayor again defended his right not to wear a helmet on occasion, saying the amount of people cycling would drop if a ban were enforced.

"I do generally wear it but not all the time," he said.

Asked by host Nick Ferrari when he would not wear one, he replied: "Because sometimes it's a bit nippy."

Boris claimed it would be "paradoxical" for him to change his habits at the same time as insisting London's streets are safe to ride on.

"There's no reason why people should not wear cycle helmets, I do generally", he said.

"But I do not regard it as mandatory to get on a bicycle."

On the headphones dispute, he added: "It's a free country. I'm naturally libertarian in these things, but I happen to think that it's unwise because my view is you do need to keep your senses as sharp as you possibly can."