Photographer Makes Fun Of Unrealistic Beauty Ads With Her Own Tip To Looking Flawless: Photoshop

It's a big one, the gulf between the reality of what a model looks like and the almost superhuman, heavily airbrushed picture that appears on beauty ad campaigns.

Photographer Anna Hill realised how ludicrous beauty adverts are when she began studying for her major, and so in response to that, she created a series of photos around the concept.

Talking about the inspiration around the series, she says: "I started teaching myself Photoshop about 10 years ago, and became increasingly aware of how many beauty ads are entirely photoshopped rather than showing the real makeup they advertise.

"I thought it would be fun to turn them around and point out how ridiculous they can be. I did over-the-top editing to my own self portraits, making Photoshop the advertised product instead."

More from Anna:

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