Jordan's King Abdullah Pushes Car Out Of Snow, Camera Conveniently Captures It

The Jordanian Royal Family have played the whole 'snow in the Middle East' thing very well.

King Abdullah, of the Hashemite Royal Family, ever the man of the people, helped dig out a car stuck in the snow as he strolled by in wintry Amman this weekend.

And, coincidentally, royal photographers were there to capture the Royal getting stuck into shovelling.

The shareable images couldn't have come a more convenient time, as accusations mount in Jordan that the monarchy is out-of-touch with the struggles of the general population during the past two years' economic downturn.

Suffering from resource shortages and significant unemployment, the Jordanian establishment has notably managed to survive the waves of unrest in the Middle East that have toppled regimes in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen.

But the government has faced significant challenges over the past two years.

Jordan, a country long plagued by resource shortages, poverty and high unemployment, is going through a period of economic difficulty.

So what better than pictures of Queen Rania, ranked most beautiful first lady in the world, and her Princess Iman and Princess Salma, radiant in a winter wonderland, to cheer the nation?

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