David Cameron Receives Boost In Popularity From Gay Community

David Cameron has received a bump in support from Britain’s gay community after pushing through legislation on equal marriage.

In a poll conducted by, around 30% of those polled said they would vote Conservative compared to a more measly 11% at the time of the last general election.

Cameron pushed through equal marriage despite opposition from within his party

More encouraging for Cameron personally, the Tory leader proved the most popular choice for prime minister, with 46% responding that he is the best person to lead the country, compared to 37% endorsing Labour's Ed Miliband and only 17% backing Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg.

"It is clear that David Cameron's strong support for same-sex marriage, despite loud opposition from within his party, has been recognised by the gay community, although this hasn't necessarily translated into support for the Conservative Party," said PinkNews Publisher Benjamin Cohen.

The poll was carried out by tracking the voting patterns of 724 members of the gay community - an on-going review that was initiated in 2010.