02/01/2014 06:32 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 10:52 GMT

Liam Fox Demands Tax Cuts Again After Seven Previous Tax Cut Calls

Chris Ison/PA Archive
Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox looks through the sights of a machine gun aboard a Chinook helicopter at RAF Odiham.

Liam Fox tried to rock the boat today urging George Osborne to offer "totemic" tax cuts in a fiercer form of austerity that would not even spare the NHS from the axe.

Fox's call to start cutting the NHS, which he also made last March, may fall on deaf ears as David Cameron has insisted NHS spending will remain protected.

However, the former defence secretary's intervention may seem familiar as he has already called for tax cuts. Quite a few times. So much so you'd think it was his solution to every economic woe.

Here are the last seven times he has demanded tax cuts since leaving Cabinet.

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