MPs Complain House Of Commons Offices Are Being Over-Run With Rodents

In a complaint that is almost asking for insults from the general public, MPs have said their offices are being over-run with rodents.

But it is mice, not rats, that are apparently clogging up the MPs' offices at the Mouse House of Commons.

Tory MP Pauline Latham told the Commons that she wanted a debate on the issue – but feared it would take too long because so many members were being bothered by the vermin scuttling around the politicians.

In a question to Commons leader Andrew Lansley, the MP for South Cambridgeshire, said: "I was going to ask for a debate on the mice infestation in my office but I suspect there will be so many members scampering in to the chamber to take part, there wouldn't be time and so I am not going to ask for that."

In reply, Mr Lansley joked: "I will scurry to answer but I was just wondering if there were any traps in your question."

Speaking outside the chamber, the MP said she had returned from the Christmas recess to find the infestation of mice after she accidentally left some food on her desk in her office in Norman Shaw North (building) over the break.

"I came back from the break to find my desk covered in mice poo and urine. It was disgusting, absolutely disgusting," she said.

"They had been living the life of Riley while I was away over Christmas."

Ms Latham, who somewhat ironically used to keep pet mice as a child, said the infestation had become so bad she didn't even want to go to work.

"It was awful because I don't want to come in to the office.

"I just don't want to be here - I am frightened to be here and switch the lights on to see them scuttling away."

"Mice are a health hazard and bring in diseases."

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