Happy 1st Birthday, Vine! Here Are Some Of Our Favourites Of The Year So Far

Happy 1st Birthday, Vine!

The six-second video app Vine celebrates its first birthday today - so we thought it only right that we round up some of our favourite Vines of 2014 so far.

From magic to comedy (via dogs and cats, of course), Vines are great sources of creativity and fun - not least because the six-second time limit lends itself so nicely to the set-up/punchline format. Here are some of the ones we've featured on Vine Of The Day so far - and below that, a round-up of some of the loveliest Vines by one of its most creative users, Moose Allain.

(Note: don't forget to turn the sound on each Vine by clicking on its top left-hand corner!)


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