Why A Starbucks Latte Isn't Any Better For Your Waistline Than McDonald's French Fries

A green tea latte sounds like a pretty healthy to your diet, doesn't it?

Wrong, says the author of a series of infographics, who is trying to make people more mindful about what they drink.

Ryoko Iwata, 34, from Seattle blogs at I Love Coffee, and created the illustrations to show how Starbucks drinks match up to fast food snacks and meals that we traditionally view as the bad guys.

It's a good commentary on how shorthand for healthy eating can actually be quite detrimental - for instance, you'd read the words 'green tea' and assume it was healthy. But all those antioxidants are probably being drowned in sugar.

According to Iwata, a green tea latte is around the same number of calories as a medium packet of Maccy D french fries.

A hot chocolate comes in at a whopping 370 calories, which is the equivalent to 45 gummy bears.

On her site, she advocates drinking black coffee which has zero calories and is the same as "drinking caffeinated air". As for the other drinks, she says: "The point is if you're counting calories be careful what you order. It's easy to transform your morning coffee into liquid dessert."

Talking to the MailOnline, she said: "The comparison shows viewers that Starbucks coffee drinks can be just as bad for you as the junk food you try not to eat. For how successful Starbucks is I find it shocking that some of their drinks have so many calories."