07/03/2014 04:14 GMT | Updated 07/03/2014 12:59 GMT

Lib Dems Lose To Bus-Pass Elvis In Council By-Election

Since entering the coalition with the Conservatives the Lib Dems have suffered a bit in the polls. But even by the party's current standards, losing to a candidate from the Bus-pass Elvis party is not the best of results.

bus pass elvis

The Lib Dem candidate in Clifton, Nottingham, secured just 56 votes compared to 67 for the Bus-pass Elvis party. The seat was won by Labour.

Speaking this morning, Dave Bishop of Basford, who also goes by the name Lord Biro, said he was now "confident" of beating the Liberal Democrats at the general election.

buss pass elvis

His manifesto promises to "legalise brothels with a 30% reduction for OAPs."

He has also called for an inquiry in British Vet Fees, a ban on air guns and a campaign to 'save public lavatories from extinction."

It poetically adds: "Nigel Farage recently said he would like to see a relaxation of the rules on Hand Gun ownership. Our candidate hopes he and his party never come into power as Nottingham will be worse than Dodge City.

"If they do come into power our candidate will write to Clint Eastwood and ask him to be the Deputy Sheriff of Nottingham."


As the vote count was announced the Nottingham Post wryly reported:

So, was Mr Bishop waiting anxiously at the count to hear his result?


"I actually had a few drinks last night at the (Lincolnshire) Poacher, got a bit drunk and had an argument with a group of Labour supporters and ended up getting chucked out," he said.

"I rang up this morning to check how I did, heard I got 67 votes and thought here we go again, but she went down the list and then I heard Tony Marshall got 56.

Although it could be worse. There was also that time the Lib Dems lost to a penguin.