11/03/2014 12:35 GMT | Updated 11/03/2014 13:59 GMT

Illegal Four Stone Squash Seized At Birmingham Airport (PICTURE)

Authorities have confiscated a four stone squash after it was illegally imported into Britain.

The less-than-discreet vegetable – measuring four feet in length – was discovered at Birmingham Airport last week.

A Solihull Council spokesman told HuffPost UK it was in a consignment along with 94,000 illegally imported cigarettes, 80kg of fish and 200kg of betel leaves from Bangladesh.

giant squash

That's a whole lot of root vegetable: Four stone and four foot of squash

Speaking to Metro, he added: "It is a bit of a rare find, as you can imagine we do get cigarettes a lot, but not a squash, especially not one of this size."