25/03/2014 06:53 GMT | Updated 26/03/2014 08:59 GMT

Lauren Silverman's Ex-Husband Labels Experience Of Losing Her To Simon Cowell As ‘Unexpected And Shocking'

Andrew Silverman has spoken out for the first time since his former wife Lauren Silverman left him for Simon Cowell and had baby Eric with the music mogul.

Speaking to the New York Observer, Andrew has labelled the whole situation as “unexpected” adding that his son with Lauren, Adam, has remained his focus throughout the ordeal.

Andrew, seen here in 2013, has broken his silence

“I just wanted to refocus on what I do,” he says. “I am a regular person, not a tabloid thing. It was a fascinating experience, unexpected and shocking.

“It was a very difficult time in my life. I learned a lot, moved forward.

“My core business has continued to move forward. I learned a lot about myself as an individual, the importance of family. My focus has been on my son throughout the whole ordeal.”

Lauren and Simon welcomed their first child together in February 2014

Andrew adds that he has never wanted to be in the limelight, explaining that, despite public inteest in the “hoopla”, he has tried to remain silent.

“Being in the public spotlight is not something I envy. It’s never been my way,” he adds. “Privacy has tremendous value. I’ve tried to be as quiet as possible even though everyone wants to hear about this hoopla.”

Andrew and Lauren had been married for over 10 years when the New York businessman filed for divorce in 2013, citing adultery and naming Simon Cowell in the divorce papers.

According to the Daily Mail, the couple first met Simon when they were on holiday in Barbados.

The trio remained firmed friends until news of Lauren’s pregnancy emerged in 2013.

Since giving birth to baby Eric, named after Cowell’s father, on Valentine’s Day 2014, Lauren has travelled to Miami and London with the ‘X Factor’ judge.

Simon is currently preparing for the opening night of the ‘X Factor’-based musical ‘I Can’t Sing’, which he part-funded and co-produces.

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