03/04/2014 09:01 BST | Updated 03/04/2014 09:59 BST

LIVESTREAM: The Immigration Generation Gap Debate

From 6.30pm watch 'The Immigration Generation Gap' debate, live here on The Huffington Post UK

Young people have the most positive views on immigration and Europe, but are the most politically disengaged, meaning their voices risk not being heard, a migrant rights network has warned.

Around 57% of under 34s consider immigration either good or neutral to the economy, compared to

52% of over 55s saying immigration is bad for the economy, research for Migrant Rights Network showed.

But only 18% of UK youth casted their vote in the last EU elections, the lowest percentage of all EU member states.

On Thursday night, Migrant Rights Network, the NUS, UNISON and the Huffington Post will host “The immigration generation gap” , with Open Generation debates happening simultaneously in four locations across the UK - London, Sheffield, Glasgow and Bournemouth

Clara Dublanc, organiser of the Open Generation project said “Young people don’t recognise their views anymore in the current political immigration hysteria about numbers and border control.

"They are tired of having people tell them that the lack of work opportunities is due to migrants, when numbers show a different reality. We see migration not only as people coming in but also as our own chance to search for opportunities abroad”