Corbyn ally Roger McKenzie has been referred to the party over an alleged breach of rules, which he denies.
Matt Hancock pledged those who lost loved ones on the NHS or social care front line would get £60,000.
Despite working through Covid-19, staff employed by ISS get lower wages, less holiday and less sick pay than their NHS counterparts.
Critics say union block votes are creating 'unfair' system
Now PM backs Bill to protect 999 staff from assault
A new law to protect emergency workers from assaults has won the personal backing of Theresa May after police, paramedics
NHS spending on private ambulances has risen by more than a fifth in two years to more than £78 million, new figures show
So there is a very strong case for saying that there is a pressing need to strengthen the ability of unions to do their job of protecting and advancing their members' interests because this will benefit workers in general. Currently, only one major political party advocates such a perspective, and that is the Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell.