Hairdresser Tells Unsatisfied Customer To F*** Off After Bad Haircut Complaint

Janice Khoo's hairdresser told her to
Janice Khoo's hairdresser told her to
South West News Service

A woman who criticised her haircut with a negative online review was subjected to a torrent of abuse on Facebook from the stylist - who told her to "fuck off".

Janice Khoo, 57, paid £360 for hair extensions but complained after Drew Carlton left her looking like she had "just got out of bed" at Future Lengths Hair Salon in Swindon.

He then ordered her out of the shop, prompting Janice to leave a bad review on the company's Facebook page.

But Mr Carlton hit back - calling her an "old insecure witch" and telling her "kindly fuck off".

He wrote: "Too busy and too fabulous to deal with your neurotic projections Mrs! Maybe you should see a shrink for your histrionic personality disorder? Would be my recommendation.

"You want to engage me? I will SUE for slander. You are a whining, winging [sic] old bag, END OF!"

He later added: "Janice Khoo, kindly fuck off! Your custom is not needed!

"Bring it on! I could sue you beyond your wildest imagination! 1st unhappy client in 25 years! YOU LADY, ARE A PRIZE C**T! My customers/clients are always happy, never a BAD one UNTIL YOU!

"Histrionic personality disorder you old insecure witch!! Go see your psych manager! SLAG!"

The salon owner later conceded his reaction may have been over the top and offered to refund her

Janice has reported the abuse to the police and his business page has disappeared from the social networking website.

She said : "When I saw his posts I was absolutely devastated. Everyone I have told about it is aghast and horrified.

"Even if I had been the most awkward customer in the world, which I was not, nothing can justify the language he used.

"Some of the language he used, it would never even enter my mind let alone cross my lips - and to a customer. It is absolutely unbelievable."

Mr Carlton said Janice had been a difficult customer but his reaction was wrong.

He said: "Her attitude was completely unacceptable - she did nothing but complain. I felt like there was nothing I could do to make this person happy.

"My reaction was completely wrong, but she was accusing me of being very inept. I have been doing what I do for 25 years, and I have never had a cross word with a client before now.

"What really upset me was that she accused me of being unprofessional. I will be the first person to say my reaction was out of order, but I wanted to protect my business. I realise now that probably did more harm."