'Naughty' Dog Summons Police After Dialling 999 & Breathing Heavily Down The Phone (PICTURES)

Not Your Average Phone Perve: 'Naughty' Dog Dials 999 & Pants Down The Phone (PICTURES)

Police who responded to a 999 call from a heavy breather were surprised to find the culprit was actually a dog.

Officers raced to the address of Mary Amos-Cole’s Buckinghamshire home, fearing the pensioner was in trouble.

It was hence with some relief they identified the panter was Leighton the dog and not the 76-year-old.

Leighton is admittedly not your average phone perve

The two year-old Belgian Malinois had picked up the handset from a garden bench as his owner tended her plants and pressed the number 9 button three times with his teeth.

Amos-Cole said: "Next thing I knew there was a policewoman from Thames Valley Police at the door asking if I was alright.

"She said a colleague answered the call and all he could hear was heavy breathing. That's when we realised it must have been Leighton panting.

'He's a very naughty dog'

"They didn't know what our emergency was or which emergency service we needed, so she was sent to check our address.

"He's a very naughty dog but luckily we all took it as a bit of a joke."

Belgian Malinois dogs are commonly used as guard and search dogs.

Leighton has previous form with the police after setting off burglar alarms with his incessant barking.

Amos-Cole, a grandmother-of-five, added: "He does seem to quite like the police. He's been in trouble a few times and seems to quite like them coming round. I actually think he has aspirations to be in uniform himself."

Joshua Basso

Outrageous 911 Calls

Thames Valley Police said a "silent 999 call" was received from the address last Thursday afternoon.

A spokesman said: "At 12:57 it was confirmed by the occupant at the address that their dog had accidentally called 999."

But the Singapura kitten didn't do any heavy breathing - instead opting to promptly hang up and hide in the wardrobe as confused police combed the otherwise empty flat.


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