Kim Jong Un Pictured As Cheeky Young Scamp In Disturbing Snaps From Dictator's Family Album

Who is this cheeky young scalawag giving a very grown-up salute in big boy's hat? Why it's the psychopathic leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, pictured as a cuddly young tyke in more innocent days... long before he was ordering the death of government officials by flame thrower or commanding the half-starved citizens of his backwards state to copy the Supreme Leader's supreme haircut.

According to the Telegraph, the pictures were released as part of concert for the North Korean Air Force that was held last week. And what a beautiful boy he was... with perhaps just a hint of mischief suggesting he might one day steal a sherbet from the shop or perhaps have his uncle eaten alive by a pack of ravenous dogs (...although that story might have been apocryphal).

Little was know about Kim Jong Un before his father's death, and even after his accession to the post of supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the cult of personality is such that information about his private life remains a closely guarded secret, though he is believed to have both a wife and a child.

Watch the video below for the full show, or just skip ahead to the 1:19:00 mark for the slideshow.

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